Wondering: What do you ACTUALLY do? Well here are our services! They help us fight climate change with Design thinking.
Contact us to customise a workshop for you. 

Banana sprint

5 Phases to solve complex situations.
Create a products, validate the market and test with your users! We guide you to create the next great project, from 0 to a great concept. We will customise it to help you achieve your objective.

5 days

Flash sessions

Don't have a lot of time? Want to test our methodology, but you are not sure of the whole 5 days? No worries! Try our flash sessions. We have cut the Banana sprint by phases, so that you tackle a specific issue.

Customised to your time

User findings


Grow your project by getting to know your users.

Get to know what works and what doesn't. Design what they need.



Create something better, funnier, nicer, more sustainable, more ethical... than what you currently have. Create ideas that help you reach a goal.



Create a fast-tool that allow you to test what you want to launch! We use free tools. No development and a fast way to test your ideas without investment.

Idea validation


You have many ideas and you don't know how to decide? Well, Validate them!

We help you create a plan of how to validate your project.

Business model


Let's pass to the concrete stuff. How is your project going to be financially viable? We teach you how to create a successful business model.

Coaching sessions

You have specific questions? You want to learn more about our methodology? You want to improve something? Take advantage of our coaching techniques and improve in all domains!

Build the best of you



You have a specific question? A blocking point? Let’s organise a call to sort that out.

Train the trainer


You want to pass to the Design thinking? Learn everything from us and get started in our way of working.

Long term vision


Changing the core of your company? You are looking for ways of becoming more impactful? We teach you how to take the best decisions based on data.