ONLINE EVENTS | The ultimate preparation checklist!

You might think that we have all mastered online events by now. 1 year of looking at our computer screen to connect with our colleagues, friends and even strangers on webinars or workshops. Well you might be right, our knowledge and technical skills have been upgraded, but hosting an event is different than attending one.

In order to host an event, there are some things to keep into account. We have hosted quite a few events by now and we have written down the key tasks to prepare an online event. We have done it because at the beginning we knew what needed to be done, but we were skipping some steps or not doing them in order, and that just stressed us at the last minute. Since hosting an event already comes with a bit of adrenaline and good stress, you shouldn’t really add more to it. We want to help you bypass that, and have it the easy way.

A good event can be a good advertising technique for future clients, partners or future employees. So, getting them right is important, they will help you establish an image, but also a good result will make you feel good about yourself.

We have written this list chronologically, starting by defining the objective of your event, until checking that the wifi is on before joining the zoom call. We hope this helps you out!

Before starting

Having a good purpose and a good theme is the base of a good event, so here are the key questions before going to the practical tasks.

  • Define the objective Why are you doing this event? Is it to attract clients, volunteers, get noticed?

  • Decide your target Who do you want to attend your event?

  • Choose the format Is it a workshop, a webinar, a training, a networking session…?

The content

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a good banner is key to present your event. Once people are caught by your catchy image, they will continue reading the very-interesting description you have prepared.

  • A catchy banner for the event.

  • The event description.

The sign-up platform

Define the platform where you will sell your tickets. Depending on the platform the steps will vary, but here are the most common ones.

  • Choose a platform We often use eventbrite, but there are many others (meetup, facebook or linkedIn events, plugins for websites…)

  • Create the event

  • Add all the details.

  • Create the confirmation email.

  • List all instructions relevant for your attendees.

  • Launch the event

Share the event

Unless you are an influencer or a huge company with millions of followers, you will have to advertise a bit. So having a strategy of when will you post about it is important. Remember to not spam your audience, but a kind reminder from time to time that you are hosting an event.

  • Add a link to all your pages

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Website

  • LinkedIn

  • Send an email to you database

  • Invitations

  • Newsletter

  • Schedule re-shares in your social media channels

Prepare the event material

It will depend on what type of event you will host, but on top of our mind don’t forget to have:

  • Online board (for online interactive workshops).

  • Presentation or visual support of your preference.

  • Video conference room (either in Google meet, Zoom, or teams).

Just before the event (1h before)

This is the moment of the last rituals, so prepare everything around you. Do your personal rituals to get the best of the energy of the universe and enjoy your event!

  1. Send a reminder email

  2. Set the space:

  3. Good lighting

  4. Pc plugged in

  5. Wifi on

  6. Have all links somewhere easy to copy, in case your participants need them.

  7. Have a glass of water

  8. Good attitude, you can rock this event!


What other things you do before an event?

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