Our Mission

We are a non-profit association supporting entrepreneurs and startups interested in saving the world from climate change!

👉 What do we do?

We want to help you accelerate your business by teaching you how to challenge your status quo. We will coach and advise you all along the process while you become a problem-solver expert. We can work with you at the moment you have your idea, during the building process, or when you are executing it. We want you to become the best at what you do !

More concretely. We will work with you to:

  • Define your idea.

  • Design new products and services.

  • Test and optimise what you already have.

  • Put in place a product management cycle.

✍️ how can we do it?

We will use design thinking to help you:

  • Define your market, your product, and your user by interviewing them.

  • Testing and learning by prototyping in less than 5 days.

  • Iterate until you become the master of the market you’re at!

Our team

We are innovation nerds. We have worked in innovation for some time and we want to share all our knowledge with you. We know about design thinking, the lean startup, being customer focused and service design. We are here to teach you, help you, advise you while you become a disruptive banana! 🍌