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Design thinking against

climate changE

Creative consulting for a cause that matters

What we do

We are a non-profit association supporting entrepreneurs and startups interested in saving the world from climate change!

We are here to teach you, help you, advise you while you become the best at what you do while using Design thinking.

Our sessions

Design sprints

Our most famous workshop!

 From concept to prototype in less than a week.


Define your idea and design new products and services.

Strategy definition

Not sure where to go?

We can help you set up your roadmap


Learn how to set up a product management cycle, using Design Thinking.

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August 28, 2020

How to prepare your customer interviews?

Interviews are key to develop a good product. But it can be tricky to onboard people and get the right answers. Some people...


August 20, 2020

Let's discover the types of plastic!

Plastic is very cheap to produce and easy to use. We can find it almost everywhere and it can....


September 23, 2020

How does energy pollute?

Today we want to share with you the impact of energy consumption on pollution.
Did you know that 35% of...